Son Parc Golf Club partners with Agapi Boat Club

Son Parc Golf Club and Agapi Boat Club

Last Saturday, we attended the XI Estrella Damm golf tournament ending with an Italian tapas selection and Estrella Damm beer in regards of a new partnership: Agapi Boat Club x Son Parc Golf Club

Around 7:30am we brought our Saxdor 200 Sport on the spot, set all the Agapi flags, pull ups, leaflets, red ropes, etc. On the event, a gift voucher was offered containing a free charter day via a raffle at the end of the competition. The Golf Director had also printed labels for each of the buggies with Estrella Damm beer, celebrating a new partnership between Clearwater Agapi Boat Club & Son Parc Golf Club.

Around 65 golf players signed up for the tournament, from Spain, France, UK and more countries. At the end, a French player won the free charter, but as he was ending his holidays on Menorca on next Wednesday, he offered the prize to another golf player.